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TWO  NEW  VOLUMES  FROM THE NORFOLK  HERALDRY  SOCIETY Volume 6 of the series Heraldry in Norfolk Churches covers the Heacham and Rising Deanery area.  Robert Meeds begins by listing all the coats of arms to be found here, and illustrates them with colourful images especially drawn.  Each parish is dealt with alphabetically, with each church’s content …

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From the same printers, Volume 7 covers Holt Deanery.  With over 500 colour photographs showing each of the coats of arms in its setting, often revealing new detail, and demonstrating the craftsmanship and artistry of the masons, sculptors, etchers, painters and stained glass constructors, and woodcarvers. Perhaps most of all, the sensitivity and artistic awareness …

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So far, five deaneries, each with about 45 churches, have been recorded and the results published. Each coat of arms has been drawn in colour in the first four volumes, but the advent of colour photography has seemed to make this task superfluous.  Two more volumes await publication, and at least two more are in …

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