Erpingham: References listed



C.C.R. 1333-37                    = CALENDAR OF CLOSE ROLLS, EDWARD III 1333-37

C.C.R. 1349-54                    = CALENDAR OF CLOSE ROLLS EDWARD III 1349-54

C.C.R. 1386-1399               =   9 RICHARD II, 1386

C.C.R. 1399-1402              = CALENDAR OF CLOSE ROLLS HENRY IV VOL I, 1399-1402

C.C.R. 1402-5                       = VOL II 1402-5;

C.C.R. 1405-9                      = VOL. III 1405-9;

C.C.R. 1413-19                   = CALENDAR OF CLOSE ROLLS HENRY V, Pt 1, 1413-19,

C.C.R. 1419-22                   = Pt 2, 1419-1422

C.F.R. 1413-1422               = CALENDAR. OF FINE ROLLS vol. XIV, 1413-1422

C.F.R. 1422-                        = CALENDAR. OF FINE ROLLS vol. XV, 1422-

C.P.R. 1416-22                    = CALENDAR OF PATENT ROLLS, HENRY V 1416-22




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