A monument by the north wall of the chancel, with a kneeling figure and three coloured shields, for “Bridget, daughter and one of the hears of John Pastan Esqre, (sic) of Huntingfield Hall, Suffolk, first wife (married 1582) of Edward Coke, Esqre, Attorney Generall; died 27 June 1598. Had issue, Edward, Robart, Arthur, John, Henry, Clement, Anne, and Bridget.” They had their main residence at Godwick Hall, near Tittleshall.

Bridget Coke

Above, a shield within a circle; any crest has been lost.
Quarterly: COKE, CRISPIN, FOLKARD3 and PAWE impaling Quarterly of Seventeen:
1, Argent six Fleurs-de-lis Azure a chief indented Or, – PASTON;
2, Argent a Fess between two Chevronels Gules a Bezant for difference, – PECHE;
3, Ermine on a chief indented Gules three ducal Coronets Or, – LEACH;
4, Or on a Chevron between three Lions’ heads erased Gules as many Bezants, – SOMERTON;
5, Argent on a Chevron Gules three Fleurs-de-lis Or, – PEYVER;
6, Gules an Escutcheon within an Orle of Martlets Argent, – WALCOT;
7, Argent a Chevron between three Bears’ heads couped Sable muzzled Or, – BERRY;
8, Argent a Fess between six Cross-crosslets fitchy Gules, – CRAVEN;
9, Gules a Saltire engrailed Argent, – KERDESTON;
10, Argent a Fess in chief two Crescents Gules, – WACHESAM or SOTHERTON;
11, Azure a Lion rampant guardant Or, – HETHERSETT;
12, Ermine on a chief Gules three Lozenges Ermine, – CHARLES;
13, Chequy Or and Gules a chief Ermine, – TATSHALL;
14, Argent a Chief indented Gules, – HENGRAVE;
15, Sable a Fess between two Chevrons Or, – GERBRIDGE;
16, Azure a Cross Or, – MAUTEBY or MAUTBY;
17, Azure a Cross moline Or over all a Bendlet Gules, – BASINGES?*

The other two shields, in the pediment above the kneeling figure of Bridget, are those of COKE and PASTON.

Arms above

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