Sir Robert Knollys, died 15 October1407, aged 92, at his manor house in Sculthorpe, though he was buried in a church in Fleet Street, London.  He was an eminent commander under Edward III, fighting in France and acquiring great fortunes there. He took Auxerre for the King of Navarre, and later fought for John Duke of Brittant, being richly rewarded. In 1371, he had 2000 men of arms and as many archers, fighting for the king . He was with John Duke of Lancaster on his Spanish expedition  in 1379, and was made a Knight of the Garter.  As such, he had supporters to his arms:  two naked savages, standing by two trees,  and his crest was a ram’s head, as shown on his seal.

His wealth was so vast that King Richard II pawned several valuable jewels and pieces of silver to him; he built a bridge over the Medway with a chapel and chantry at its east end; and built churches at Sculthorpe, Harpley, and at Whitefriars. With his wife he founded a college at Pomfret, Yorkshire, with the Knollys Almshouses, settling the lordships of Sculthorp, Dunton, Kettlestone, Tatterford and Tattersett, and Burnham together withthe advowsons of several churches on them.  The college had a master, six priests, with a hospital for 13 poor men and women. His arms were: Gules on a Chevron Argent three Roses Gules barbed vert and seeded Or.

Sir Robert Knollys married Constanzia, who bore these arms, those of the Beverlys of Yorkshire.  She sailed to Brittany in 1360, taking her husband reinforcements of 20 men at arms, 14 archers and horses, providing three ships for this purpose. Argent a Chevron dancetty Sable between  three Lions’ heads Sable.

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