East Barsham

St Mary’s Church

A splendid monument on the south wall has five coloured shields.

“James Calthorpe dedicates this monument to the pious memory of Mary, his wife, (daughter and sole heiress of William Fermor, Esq., and Ann his wife, daughter of Robert Brook, late Alderman of London), by whom he had issue 2 sonnes who all, in this chancel, lie together interred, who died 12th May 1640, aged 28”.

Ann Fermor   Febrva: J:

William Fermor  Nove: 24: 1625

Fermor Calthorpe SER died March 2nd 1635 aged 5days.

Fermor Calthorpe JVR Decem.:J; 1637 18 days”.

Above:  Quarterly, 1, Chequy Or and Azure a Fess Ermine. – Calthorpe, Gules on a chief Argent two Mullets pierced Sable. – Bacon; 3, Argent three Chessrooks Sable. – Rookwood ; 4, Argent a Lion rampant Sable. – Stapleton.  Crest: : A Boar’s head couped at the neck (Azure) bristled and tusked (Or)-  Calthorpe.  Motto: Arise and Come to Judgment.

Centrally, above the representation of Mary: Calthorpe impaling (Argent) on a Saltire (Sable) between four Lions’ heads erased (Gules) a Martlet between four Bezants on a chief (Azure) an Anchor enclosed by two Pallets (Or). – Fermor.

To the dexter:  Fermor.

To sinister: Fermor impaling Brook: Gules on a Chevron  Argent a Lion rampant Sable crowned Or.

Below:  Calthorpe.

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