A tablet on the north wall of the north Aisle, for Samuel Smithe, died 22.2.1663.  His memorial is rhymed, and begins with an anagram:

SEE HIM : All Must

SEE HIM : in Dust.

Per fess dancetty Gules and Argent three ?Talbots erased Or collared Gules SMITHE though these arms are not identified in Papworth;  the memorial is unrecorded in Farrer.

             A ledger for Nicholas Barker, died 1.1.1660, in the chancel, has Barry of ten (Or and Sable) over all a Bend Gules – BARKER.


            A tablet in the north chapel is for Nicholas Timperly, Esq., died 24.9.1664,  (son of Sir Thomas Timperly Kt, of Hintlesham, Suffolk who died 1658), and for Ann Barker, sister of Nicholas Timperly, died  8.5.1662. A tablet nearby to William Timperly, died 10.5.1660.  Beneath a window in the north Transept is a rebus of Tymperly,       “An hour glass with wings a pearl and an eye”, and a verse:

” LO! Time=Pearl=Ey, a Rebus which to Thee

Speakes what I whilom was a Timperley….”

            Quarterly (Gules and Argent) in the first quarter an Escallop (Or) – TIMPERLY or TYMPERLY.

On a stone in the churchyard, to the east of the porch:  for Thomas Utber, Bachelor, died 14.2.1835, aged 79: (Or) two Bars (Azure) each charged with as many Bezants UTBER. Utber’s crest is An Arrow (Sable) headed and feathered (Argent), to the Shaft a pair of Wings expanded (Or), the point of the Arrow in base. Utber of Norwich and Hoo had “Or two Bars Azure each charged with as many Bezants“.

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