Volume 6 of the series Heraldry in Norfolk Churches covers the Heacham and Rising Deanery area.  Robert Meeds begins by listing all the coats of arms to be found here, and illustrates them with colourful images especially drawn.  Each parish is dealt with alphabetically, with each church’s content of heraldry described with biographical notes and blazons, supplemented by colour photographs of each device.

Often headed by a photograph of the church, each parish begins on a new facing page; and Robert utilizes the occasional blank even-number pages to bring us interesting and informative notes – on hatchments, ecclesiastical heraldry, differencing, village signs, and notes on the Folkes and Le Strange families, among others.

The book is in the familiar format, nearly A4 size, with a glossy cover showing a photo from its contents. Well spaced text and illustrations make it a pleasure to read, and even those churches with no heraldry currently to be found within, are shown – and in the case of Hillingdon, the hatchments that once were there but now are lost, have been carefully and brilliantly drawn and blazoned to show just how much has disappeared from our heraldic heritage. Well indexed and referenced, this 130-page volume, excellently printed, will be a delight to have on your bookshelf.

Previews can be seen on the HEACHAM AND RISING DEANERY pages.

This volume,  price £14.00, again plus postage and packing, is available direct from Ken Mourin, 13 Quebec Road, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 2DR, tel 01362 692989, or e-mail ken.mourin@virgin.net,  or from Robert Meeds at postmaster@robertmeeds.plus.com


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