This coat of arms for the Rev. Colby Bullock and his family is another which has been handled charmingly; the painting has been inserted in a hexafoil, the crest in the topmost foil, the others showing the Gules turned Argent mantling.

The Rev. Colby Bullock died 28 September 1817, aged 66, and his wife Elizabeth died 15 February 1811, aged 63.  She was the daughter of Capel Bringloe of Hingham and of Elizabeth his wife, who was the daughter and heiress of George Bedell of Woodrising. Also for Diana, their 2nd daughter who died 13 February 1864, aged 86; for Catherine, the 3rd daughter who died 7 March 1864, aged 85; for Mary, the 4th daughter who died 25 April 1868, aged 87; and also for Susanna, the 5th daughter, relict of Rev. William Girling of Scarning,  who died 13 March 1864, aged 80.

Quarterly of eight: 1, Gules a Chevron Ermine between three Bull’s heads cabossed Argent armed Or – BULLOCK; 2, Argent on a Bend Azure between two Lions rampant Sable three Plates – LLEWELLYN OR FLUELLIN; 3, Per pale Gules and Azure a Cross engrailed Argent – BERNEY; 4, Quarterly: i and iv, Azure a Chevron Ermine between three Escallops Argent – TOWNSEND; ii and iii, Argent a Bend engrailed Azure between two Buck’s heads cabossed Sable – NEEDHAM; 5, Chequy Or and Gules on a Fess Azure three Escallops Argent – BALDOCK; 6, Gules on a chief Argent two Mullets pierced Sable – BACON; 7, Azure on a Chevron between three Estoiles Or as many Lozenges Gules – BUTTS; 8, Ermine on a chief indented Sable two Lions rampant Or – BURES; impaling Quarterly: 1 and 4, Per pale Argent and Gules Barry wavy of four each division alternately charged with a Leopard’s face and a Fleur-de-Lys all counterchanged BRINGLOE; 2 and 3, Gules a Chevron engrailed between three Escallops Argent – BEDELL. Crest: Five axes, handles or, blades argent, bound together gules.



Enlarged view

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