Oxburgh Church


On the south wall, a large tomb with three large coloured shields above which have recently been re-painted. There is a central panel of Latin inscription for Sir Henry Bedingfeld. The panels below are blank.

Sir Henry Bedingfeld’s memorial

Centrally with a rose above and three lions’ heads grimacing to the sides and below, on a wreath of the colours a gold-decorated helm with crest and mantling argent turned gules filling the circular panel, is Quarterly of twelve:-1, BEDINGFELD, 2, TUDDENHAM; 3, Argent a Fess between two Chevrons Gules. – PECHE; 4, Chequy Or and Gules on a Fess Azure three Escallops Or. – ROCHESTER; 5, Argent a Fess Sable between three Crescents Gules.PATTSEHULL; 6, Argent on a Cross Gules five Escallops Or. – WEYLAND; 7, Argent a Unicorn salient Sable. – HARLING; 8, Paly of six Or and Gules a Chief Ermine.JENNY; 9, Argent a Chevron Gules between three Lions rampant Sable.BOURNE of Long Stratton; 10, Per pale Argent and Gules.WALDEGRAVE; 11, Per chevron embattled Gules and Or three Lions rampant counterchanged. – WYFOLD; 12, Azure a Chevron between three Wolves’ heads erased Or.CHEDWORTH. Crest: A demi-eagle, wings expanded Or – though the head is damaged.

Central arms

On the dexter side, with roses above and below the arms: Quarterly:-1 and 4, Ermine, an Eagle displayed Gules, armed Or.BEDINGFELD; 2 and 3, Lozengy Or and Gules. – TUDDENHAM; impaling, Quarterly:-1 and 4, Azure, a Chevron Ermine between three Escallops Or . – TOWNSEND 2 and 3, Argent, semy of Cross-crosslets and a Lion rampant Gules crowned Or. – BREWSE. The Tuddenham arms should be paly bendy Argent and Gules, but are lozengy here and frequently the same elsewhere.

Dexter arms

On the sinister side is a shield Quarterly of six:-  1, TOWNSEND; 2, Gules a Chevron between three Fleurs-de-lis Or. – HANVILLE; 3, Argent semy of Cross-crosslets a Lion rampant Gules crowned Or – BREWSE;   4, Sable a Cross engrailed Or. – UFFORD; 5 Gules a Cross Argent  within a Bordure engrailed Or.CARBONNEL;   6, Argent a Chevron Gules between three Cross-crosslets fitchy Azure. – SHARDELOWE.  Above the arms is what appears to be a bud arising from five-lobed sepals, and below the bud is opening within a rose.

Sinister arms

Sir Henry Bedingfeld’s monument (and that of his two wives) has eight fetterlocks, the badge of the Bedingfeld family, with silver ribbons. It is for Sir Henry Bedingfeld Knt., Captain of the Guards, Lieutenant of the Tower of London, and Privy Councillor to Queen Mary; who was buried here 24 August 1583; and for his wife, the Lady Katherine, daughter of Sir Roger Townsend of Raynham2. There are lions’ faces and opening roses here too.

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