On the north wall of the nave is an excellent brass to William de Grey 1495, son and heir of William and Christian de Grey, who is kneeling with his hands held up in adoration*4; he has on full armour and an heraldic tabard. His helmet is on the floor before him; it has lost its crest. The tabard has DE GREY.1 quartering BAYNARD. His five sons are behind him and his two wives Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Bedingfeld of Oxburgh (who died in 1474), and Grace, daughter of Thomas Teye, facing him and kneeling; there are three daughters behind Mary and two daughters behind Grace. The married daughters have their hair in elaborate head-dresses, while the hair of the unmarried girls is free*. Above them are the indents of four scrolls; the scroll above the second wife was recently found in an arable field nearby, and has been cleaned and re-affixed by Martin Stuchfield*5. It has a prayer from the Litany of the Saints: “virgo virginum ora pro…”, translated as “Virgin of Virgins, pray for us”. Stuchfield suggests that this possibly confirms that the prayers were removed by Protestants. Further fragments have since been found*.

William de Grey brass

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