This coat of arms has been delightfully displayed within a carved marble surround, on a grey background.

It is for Henry Daveney, who died 22 November 1771 aged 29, and his wife Susannah (nee Bradfield) who died 7 February 1819 aged 84; and also for Parham, their son, who was born 27 December 1769 but who survived only a short time, dying 2 June 1770.

The arms are  Quarterly 1, Argent a Chevron Sable between three Nuns’ heads couped at the shoulders proper – DAVENEY, 2, Argent on a Chevron engrailed between three Mallets proper as many Lions’ gambs Or within a Bordure engrailed and Bezanty Sable – PARHAM, 3, Barry wavy of ten Argent and Sable a Lion rampant Or – SEABORNE, quarterly  Argent and Gules within a Bordure counterchanged, in the second and third quarters a Fret Or over all on a Bend Sable six Mullets Or, – SPENCER, impaling Quarterly Argent and Gules a Cross Ermine between four Mullets Or – BRADFIELD.


The SPENCER coat obviously derives from that of Despenser;  Burke’s General Armory p. 954, has this coat with five mullets on the bend and a bordure “quarterly of Gules and Argent” for SPENCER of Bradfield, Norfolk, and of Suffolk.

The impalement is close to the arms of BRADFIELD of Norfolk, Azure a Cross compony Or and Azure between four Mullets Or.  This itself is a bit suspect, with the Azure on Azure; this variant is not recorded in Papworth or Burke’s General Armory. However, the painter has made a superb job of it, with the ermine tails placed precisely within lozenges formed by thin black lines; heraldically incorrect, but a delightful result.

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