Heydon Monument

An elegant monument at the east end of the south aisle, with the figures of Sir William Heydon in full armour, spurred but without helmet or sword, and behind him, his wife with head-dress and large ruff; they are kneeling on decorated cushions coloured pink above and green below. The arches of pink marble are finely carved. An inscription above the figure tell us that Sir William died on 19 March 1593, aged 54 and four months, He was a Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk and High Sheriff, a JP and admiral of the admiralty court. His wife Anna was the daughter of Sir William Woodhouse of Hickling.

Monument to Sir William and Lady Heydon

There are two shields. The first, above the figures, is raised and coloured: Quarterly of seven: 1, Quarterly Argent and Gules a Cross engrailed counterchanged – HEYDON, 2, Argent a four Windmill sails conjoined Sable – LOVERD, 3, Azure a Garb Or – UNIDENTIFIED, 4, Quarterly Gules and Vert over all a Lion rampant Argent – OULTON, 5, Chequy Or and Azure on a Canton Gules a Lion rampant Argent – WARREN of Lincolnshire, 6, Or on a Chevron Gules three Swans – UNIDENTIFIED, 7 Azure semy of Cross-crosslets three Lozenges Or – WARREN of Stockport17. The crests are now missing, but were: 1, a talbot statant ermine, Heydon; 2, A griffin segreant Or – Woodhouse of Waxham, 3, Heydon.

Heydon shield

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